Wednesday, 18 June 2008

GrinReaper's Grumpy Personality Test

Choose the answer that best represents your tendencies (and/or fantasies). Do not think too hard; go with your first instinct (or you can even cheat if you want). This is a self-discovery tool so there are no wrong answers (Breath a sigh of relief!). This test takes approximately 12 minutes and is not timed. Begin! (Only at your own risk, of course!)

1. When paying at a store I often
pay and leave without chit-chat have conversation with the cashier pull out a gun and demand cash

2. I work better when
deciding what to do next as I go following a schedule
ordering others around

3. Talking about feelings and emotions is
difficult easy
a turn-on

4. I process information through
my five senses intuition
my laptop or computer

5.My thoughts are
random orderly

6.Clutter in my home
bothers me is not something I notice
is helpful for concentration

7.I am more excited about what might happen
later today or tomorrow in a couple years
in a parallel universe

8.After a social gathering I feel
energized drained

9.I am most comfortable being
a planner spontaneous

10.When in a one-on-one situation I usually do more
listening talking
dribbling around the goalkeeper

11.I entertain myself with my
surroundings imagination

12.I am more likely to have my
ass on the ground head in the clouds
foot in the mouth

13.With people, I am more often
friendly and warm brief and to the point
abusive and demanding

14. I see life
as it could be as it is
as a burden

15. I usually
play, then work work, then play
do nothing but drink beer and eat pizza all day

16.Change for me is
easy difficult
something I put in vending machines

17.When making decisions I
don't consider the feelings of others consider the feelings of others
recite eenie-meenie-minie-mo

18.I tend to
see the big picture focus on details
black out very often

19.I tend to be more
reasonable personable

20.I am governed by my
heart head

21.I prefer
routine activities "spur of the moment" activities

22.I consider myself to be
a concrete thinker an abstract thinker
a stinker

23.Give me the
personal details facts

24.I get energized by
learning facts exploring theories
energy drinks

25.I consider myself to be
a realist an idealist
a prick

26.Others might perceive me as
rigid aimless
a guided missile

27. I am drawn to
hidden meaning and inspiration what is immediate
pretty females/handsome males

28.I prefer speakers that communicate
figuratively literally

29.I make new friends
quickly over time
only when I owe all my existing friends

30.My thoughts are on
what lies ahead the "here and now"
filling this bloody questionnaire

31.I like
to "go with the flow" timetables and plans
butterscotch sundae

32.When the phone rings I
pick it up right away wish I could ignore it
dance to the ringtone

33.I am
subjective objective

34.I am quick to
critique compliment
run away

35.Being the center of attention is
exhilarating uncomfortable
depends on the circumstances

36.When judging others I am
impartial partial

37I prefer someone who is
efficient empathetic

38.I enjoy a task when I
start it complete it
put it off onto others

39.I want to
get the task done get to know others
just get the hell outta here

40.At work I am
relationship-focused task-oriented

Please, mail me the completed questionnaires and then you can go back to doing whatever you were doing. I'll probably send you the results when I feel like it. Cash is a very good motivation, by the way. And so's the hollow end of a gun. Cheers!


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The Grin Reaper said...

Erm... mate, what exactly did you find knowledgeable about the post?

Sanjiv said...

Could have used google forms .. ???
neways nice questionnaire :D

psr akhilesh said...

this is godly amusing............