Monday, 21 May 2007

Education vs Sex

Oh well, today I took the last exam of the finals of the 3rd Year and now here I am totally jobless. Well, not exactly since I’ve got a lot of work to do like packing my whole room into a single trunk (which is almost magic… talking about magic, you should watch “The Prestige”, it’s a brilliant movie) but I’m not doing anything of my own choosing. Anyhow, I kinda digressed from the topic. So, as most of the regular reader’s of my “about me”s (which, by the way, are never about me) would know, when I’m forced to study, I get philosophical. But this time it was different. I actually wanted to study for once and I tried to find the advantages so that I’ll be motivated to study. But somehow, all I could compare it to was sex. Bloody Pervert! My findings on the USPs of education (referred to as “it”) over sex are as follows:

  1. You can do it with members of the either gender and no one will raise an eyebrow.

  2. If your parents walk in while you’re doing it with someone, no one gets embarrassed.

  3. It’s not a crime to force someone to do it with you.

  4. Most of it is done before marriage. That means, we have more experience in it by the time we are married.

  5. And it’s okay to do it alone. In fact most prefer to do it that way (me included).

  6. If you don’t do it, its nothing bad. You’re simply called “cool”.

  7. Its not awkward to ask a member of the opposite gender to do it with you.

Well, after all this, I realised I was motivated enough to study and study I did. Oh, and please, don’t ask how my exams were.

Exams are just like one night stands: You do it and then you forget all about it. The sad thing is that you don’t enjoy exams while you’re doing it. Dammit!

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