Wednesday, 16 May 2007

SMS Tales

Everybody knows (or should know) how, when the exams are up close (and not to mention, personal), the students subconsciously develop an anomaly in their nervous system and do things they wouldn’t do if there were no exams (“studying” comes to mind as a good example). Anyhow, there I was, with just 3 days to go for the 2nd TS and my brain, for the lack of a better word, began boggling. So, this time I, pretty much subconsciously, mind you, came up with the following question:

‘Do you think that I have the capabilities to be a sex bomb? You know like a suicide bomber in a red light area?’

and I typed it on my cell and messaged it to quite a few people in my contact list. And the responses I got were… well… you read and decide (I have taken up the liberty to change the messages so as to make them, grammatically and linguistically correct. And you cannot do anything about it because any message sent to me becomes my property thenceforth):

KJ: ‘Have you hurt your head or are you studying too much? What kind of a question was that? But if you still want an answer, disappointing as it might sound, it is NO.’

AN: ‘You can become one, no doubt. But I don’t think that you can be categorised as a sex bomb. I mean, at present. You lie in the category of “cute kids”’

MG: ‘You are capable of “blowing” away the competition as far as cracking deadly jokes in a red light area goes, but if you’re talking about blow jobs of a different kind, then I frankly cannot comment on that.’

MK: ‘What the fuck, man? Since when did you start spamming mobile phones?’

AA: ‘Since the first quality to be considered to be a sex bomb is “attractiveness”, I will have to say NO in your case.’

VM: ‘Bloody hell, you wake me up for this?’

RS: ‘You’re totally insane, you know? Go study or the only thing being bombed will be your grades.’

RK: ‘You know, I would have replied to you but I’m in a lecture and my prof says that I’m not supposed to use cell phones during one. You do believe me, right?’

And the only consensus I was able to deduce from it was: “With friends such as these, who needs enemies?”

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