Sunday, 24 June 2007


My dad walks in my room while I’m talking to someone on the phone. I keep down the phone after 15-20 seconds.

“Who were you talking to?”
“No one in particular.”
“It was a girl, right?”


“How did you guess?”
“You had that smug grin on your face”

Longer silence.

“So when are you getting a girlfriend, son?”
“I don’t know, Dad. I would rather court multiple women than a single one.”
“And what’s going to happen when you marry?”
“I’m not that jobless to give such trifle matter any thought.”
“You’ll have to eventually.”


“So, how do you like your job?”
“I don’t like it. I want to get over with it ASAP.”
“So will you be taking up the job after you graduate?”
“Do you think I’m an idiot, Dad?”

My dad turned to walk away.

“Yep. It’s all in the genes, son.”


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ब्रह्मकमळ said...

That conversation reminded me of me and mom on occasion. Brilliant post. :)