Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A love ballad

Once there was a young carpenter,
In the village of Ardew.
And he loved the cobbler’s daughter,
And her love for him was true.

He proposed her to get married,
For the joy that it would bring.
But he didn’t have enough money,
To buy a wedding ring,

So he stole from the goldsmith,
And no matter how hard he tried.
In that small, tiny village,
He had no place to hide.

Oh, they caught him, the three constables,
And they nailed a poster to the fence.
For to warn all other people,
That it was a great offence.

He told them of his love,
But the jury didn’t sing.
And the judge was too harsh,
And condemned him to swing.

There’s a moral to this story,
That though your love be very pure.
Don’t go stealing other’s money,
For it is against the law.

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