Monday, 25 June 2007

How to write a blog entry?

At this moment, there must be tens of thousands of blogs teeming everywhere in the cyberspace. But the most important element of a blog is, well, a blog entry. If you don’t write blog entries, your blog won’t grow. And also, it’s a major question in every blogger’s mind as to what to post next. Well, leave all that to me. Today, I’m going to give a few tips and tricks on how to write a blog entry.

  • It’s obviously better if the post is interesting, but then it doesn’t necessarily has to be. I mean, you can even post something you think people won’t like. The internet has such a large readership, that there is definitely at least one person who’ll be interested in what you’ve written. E.g.: Writing about how you got your tonsils removed isn’t something one would like to read about; but that’s no reason as to why you cannot write about it.
  • If you can’t come up with new stuff, just put up something you might have written earlier somewhere else. Or, if your blog is already 7-8 months old and has a lot of posts, you can recycle your posts i.e. repost something you had posted in the early stages of the blog. A lot of people don’t go through the archives so it’ll be new to those who started reading your blog after some time.
  • You can also post your inner thoughts. Some people love to read that kind of stuff. Gossip, you know.
  • If you browse the web a lot and stumble upon some interesting site, you can post the link to that site along with a few words about it to generate interest.
  • You can also mention some interesting conversation you might have had with someone. Sometimes, they are really funny things to share with people. Again, gossip.
  • If you don’t feel like typing, never mind. Post photos. Who doesn’t like to see photos?
  • You can also write a movie or a book review. They’re quite easy to write and are interesting to read too.
  • And the best option, obviously, is to let the blog be. Who cares, anyway?

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