Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Last night, I walked into the TV room. My dad was reading a newspaper. I came up to him and said,

“I want a tattoo, Dad.”

Silence. Dad doesn’t even look up from the newspaper.

“I said, I want to get tattooed!”
“No. You’ll do nothing of the sort.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s painful. And permanent, too.”
“But they’re so cool!”
“And not to mention, ugly.”
“You’re wrong, Dad. Tattoos are beautiful. They’re art.”
“Son, by the time you realise I'm right, you’ll have a child who thinks you’re wrong.”

I take a few seconds to digest this and then walk out of the room leaving Dad with the newspaper.

And I’m going to get that bloody tattoo anyway. Any suggestions for the design, lads and ladies?


ब्रह्मकमळ said...

For now, I agree with you, I'm getting "one" too eventually. When I save up...

As for the designs, take something you feel close too, something that means something to you.

Or just do something weird and tattoo a burger or a lawnmower on...

The Grin Reaper said...

Lawnmover? Not a bad idea... but I'm quite partial to bulldozers.

Force_Fed said...

For your first piece of ink I'd suggest something under your shirt or otherwise easily concealable. Make sure it is something you will always feel the same about, which is impossible.

Don't get anything vulger, obsene or otherwise offensive or controversial, you will absolutely regret it later in life.