Monday, 9 July 2007

A Copa America-n Coffee!

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the Copa America football action on TV. And that too on Ten Sports. The only other channel showing football from down there is in Arabic. And I’ve had enough of hearing “SHOOOOOOT” and “GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL” repeated over and over again in various permutations and combinations throughout the football match. Anyhow, the Ten Sports commentators aren’t any good either. But one can’t fail to be impressed by their much advanced English vocabulary as compared to their Arab counterparts. With addition of other words such as “pass”, “miss” and “score”, the commentary just gets a bit livelier.

But have you ever noticed how most of the people support Brazil? Back in my college, during the World Cup ’06, there were more people packed into the TV room during Brazil vs. Ethiopia (or was it Ghana?) than during the semi-final between Italy and Germany. Alas, the Brazil supporters missed my victory dance that night when Italy won the match.

Anyhow, coming back to Ten Sports, these commentators are obviously Brazil-fans. And according to them, Brazil plays the most beautiful and perfect football in the world. And the rest are there just so that Brazil can have someone to play against. Let me give you some proofs.

Chile gets the ball, breaks past the defence line, shoots and misses. The commentators say, “The Chile team lack good finishing. This way, they’ll be out of the tournament very soon.” Now, when Brazil does the same thing, they say, “And Brazil tests the keeper and the defence yet again. They’ve shown their attacking mindset early on in the game.

Paraguay gets the ball but gives it away cheaply. Commentators say, “Paraguay can’t control the ball properly. How will they score if they can’t even keep the ball with them?” And for Brazil, “One of the greatest things about Brazil is that they let the other team play too.” I mean, seriously, what the hell!?

Colombia opens up in defence and concedes a goal. “Now that’s certainly game over for Colombia. They have a mountain to climb.” And when the Samba-land goes one down. “Now this game has really opened up. We shall see great, relentless, attacking football from the Brazilians as they’ll proceed to smash their opposition to smithereens. Game on!

I say, Brazil won’t win the Copa America. I’d put the odds against Brazil winning as 2-1. Bets, anyone?

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