Sunday, 1 July 2007

Of helmets

Helmets are one of the greatest inventions to be taken for granted. I mean, helmets are very important for humans’ safety. It helps in keeping our skull intact and not allowing our brains to splatter around when in an accident. And a helmet also has various other uses viz. a weapon, to hide identity, a bowl when upside down and as a rat/hamster storage and transport facility. And also, it’s used to show off, especially when the bike rider doesn’t have a face that would launch even two scraggy boats.

But here’s a thought: Why do we wear helmets while sky-diving? I mean, can we kind-of make it? If that parachute doesn’t open, will wearing a helmet be the difference between life and death? When that happens, the helmet’s now wearing you for protection.

If I were asked to give a proof that would doubt the human race’s intelligence, it would definitely be the helmet. Let me explain why. Why do you think the helmet was invented? Because we were involved in various activities that were cracking our heads. And we wanted a solution for this. Now, the obvious solution would have been to discontinue the head-cracking activities. But no, we invent a helmet to protect the brain. A brain which is so stupid that it’s not even trying to stop the cracking of the head that it’s in. Now, what kind of logic is that?

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Force_Fed said...

Yeah, I've seen mountain climbers hundreds of feet up a sheer face, with a helmet on. Is it for identification purposes?

I've seen WWII footage of Kamikaze pilots wearing helmets. That just blows my mind. lol