Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Cricket vs football.

Background knowledge you should be acquainted with: My dad is an avid cricket worshipper while I despise cricket and am an ardent football devotee.

“Any cricket matches on nowadays, Dad?”


“You know, that’s the good thing about following football. There’s always something on to watch.”

“I really don’t understand why you get a kick out of watching lots of men in shorts running around in a field.”


“You can forget about the T.V. tonight. I’m going to watch the Under 20 football World Cup.”

“Under 20? You mean they can’t score more than 20 goals a game?”

“Ha ha ha, Dad.”


The Perfectionist said...

Why do we get a KICK out of watching footbal????? Now, THAT's a self answering question!

Gemini said...

welll think the last reader dint get the question right...
it asks.. kick outta watching men in shorts....


hats off.. n need not mention who 's getting the applaud this time tooo....

The Grin Reaper said...

@ The Perfectionist:
Yeah its self-answering. So why ask me? Answer it yourself.

@ Gemini:
I'll relay your affection and praise to the concerned. Keep smiling :)